Elevate Your Event: 10 Unique Event Decorating Ideas to Try Now

Ballond and Floral Arrangements „House of Events” takes the blank canvas of any venue and transforms it into a breathtaking space that captures the imaginations and experiences of your guests. Whether it is made of luxurious fabrics, stunning lighting structures, a balloon bouquet installation, or a flower wall, the decor is key in creating the […]

London’s premier event planning service unveiled: experience professional excellence

Ballond and Floral Arrangements Introduction to London’s premier event planning service As an event aficionado, I have always been thrilled by the wonders of a well-executed event. From annual meetings to extraordinary nuptials, events flourish on the backs of intricate pre-event preparations and backstage coordination. Therefore, I am excited to inform you about London’s first-rate […]

Ballond and Floral Arrangements

Ballond and Floral Arrangements I can feel spring on it ‘s way, and when you think about spring what is the first thought? FLOWERS.. Blooming Flowers, specially beautiful magnolia trees which are my favorite’s love a combination of balloons and flowers at the event. Flower arrangements are my must have on every event. They create […]

The Life of a baloon in a hot weather

The Life of a baloon in a hot weather Hot weather and event season is coming. We have a lot of requests for outdoor picnics, brunch, baby showers or weddings. Weather is always crucial in this case, but we always try to have Plan B if the weather will disappoint. Especially in London where the […]

What are the elements to create perfect event?

What are the elements to create perfect event? No matter what kind of celebration you are planning, you want it to be great. As event planners and designers, these two words are crucial for the event to turn up as an unforgettable occurrence. Two main factors are planning, and we always should start with a […]

Celebrate Easter with style

Celebrate Easter with style. It’s almost time to put on your bunny ears and celebrate! We have got everything you need for an Easter party, Easter Brunch, PR lunch or just a simple picnic, and a selection of ideas to create amazing Easter table decorations. Set a beautiful table with us! When you think about […]

What is a color of the year?

What is a color of the year? We all have favorite colors, and the ones we will never use or wear. Every year there is a color that will create color trend, and it is for fashion, events, home décor, graphic and multimedia.  Who is creating this color of the year than? There is a […]